About us

Established in 2015, Kragbuzz is the brainchild of Mr. Arjun Gupta and is shaped out of his immense passion for sports alongside years of experience in playing professional cricket across the globe.

Inception Of the Brand

Krag is an Afrikaan Word which means Power, Strength or Force. A significant word like this was everything that Mr. Gupta envisioned his brand to symbolise. Thus Kragbuzz came into being.

Kragbuzz Sports is a brand registered under Cascades India.

Why Kragbuzz?

Kragbuzz is one of the few international sports brands that produces customised clothing. Approved by the International Cricket Council (ICC) the company is now under the top-thirty manufacturers’ list in the whole world for cricket clothing.

Our comprehensive services offer a “one stop shop” whereby you can get hands on outfits for your sports teams, coaches, officials and volunteers. We also supply a full range of customised apparel, accessories, promotional products and sports merchandise.

Our production process starts with obtaining high quality raw material through cutting, printing, stitching and then onto assembling and packing. With state of the art machinery, technology and stringent quality control, our products get ready for shipping to customers worldwide.

We provide in house setup and solutions for all types of printing & embroidery.

What sets us apart?

Kragbuzz is the only brand in India that produces sports garments, caps, and bags in-house.

We believe in giving full liberty to our customers right from choosing the design, colour and pattern of their personalised sportswear. Unlike other brands, we do not have MOQ (minimum order quantity); therefore, we happily serve customers who order one piece and who order 10000 pieces.